Jewelry Laser Engraving


            Our HIgh Tech Jewelry Engraving Process

Every piece of jewelry or precious metal sold on the market, is required by law to be stamped with its precious metal content.
Whether it is made of 14kt, 18kt gold, or platinum, a proper designation and stamp must be placed on the jewelry item. Similarly, all sterling silver gift ware gets stamped with the appropriate precious metal content.
    Many high end jewelry companies like Tiffany, Cartier, and Lord & Tailor (just to name a few) will also brand their jewelry designs with their unique, trademarked company logo in addition to the precious metal content.
Laser Engraving Services

Laser engraving can be done on most metals: Steel, Tungsten, Titanium,  Brass; also on plastics, wood and glass. Engraving can be used for the promotional industry, marking logos onto gifts. 
    We specialize in personalizing jewelry. Some couples are even engraving their wedding vows inside their wedding rings!
    Whether you are a jeweler who needs to outsource your engraving, an industry that needs our professional services, or someone looking to make a memory, Laser Engraving Express does it all!
                           Laser Engraving for

Wedding Rings, Charms, Bracelets, Watches, Lockets, Eyeglasses, Logos and Branding, Surgical tools, Cell phones, i pods, Cameras, Promotional items, Award plaques, Security identification markings, Custom handwriting, Custom textures and patterns

   Engraving on Titanium or Tungsten Carbide Rings
Due to the hardness of titanium or tungsten carbide, it is not recommended to use traditional method of etching to engrave messages on them. Etching on tungsten carbide is usually not clear and jagged. Also, it might damage the structure of the alloy and chip the ring.

The right way of engraving titanium or tungsten:LASER

The only way to ensure precision, clarity & smoothness of the engraved text on titanium or tungsten carbide is laser engraving.We use the highest tech quality laser equipment to put custom message on your jewelry.The engraved text is crisp, clean & permanent.There will not be any damage done to the jewelry because no physical for force is applied to it.A powerful laser beam controlled computer equipment is used to cut into surface of the titanium or tungsten ring in to add a personal touch to your jewelry.

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